I recently had to move to Singapore for work and I liked what I saw in the region, it is certainly a very developed place, quiet and with lots of entertainment options. I didn’t find any problem in the country but I should save a little because the change of country cost me a little and I had to do some renovations in the place that would have the office and one of them was the painting of the office and the exchange of words. I thought of vinyl floors, cheap, so I searched the website: https://www.buildexpo.org/cheap-vinyl-flooring-vinyl-flooring-prices-singapore-must-have-list/ .

The site showed exactly what I needed, cheap flooring options for those on a tight budget.The first and cheapest option I had contacted was Pergo Outlast but the flooring is extremely thick despite the cheap value and compared to other types of flooring with similar value. One of the best features of Pergo is the fact that it has a technology that makes it resistant to water and humidity for up to 24 hours, a great option for me as I consume a lot of coffee and other beverages, and accidents can happen.The second option that came to my attention was TrafficMaster Lakeshore Laminate Flooring, which is a very resistant floor that imitates wood very well. This floor, unlike Pergo, is not water-resistant but nothing that sealing the edges with silicone does not solve this problem.The third option I checked was Master Traffic Sky Carpet Tiles, they are thinner but easily swapped and replaced floors. It is an excellent choice for those who want to install it in living rooms, dining rooms, offices, garages, and other environments. I found out about other types of vinyl through the site, but they didn’t serve me as much or were too expensive, and considering all types mentioned on the site, what served me best was Pergo for its resistance and low price. I installed the material myself and am totally satisfied.