Three factors led to the beginning of the era of artificial intelligence:

  • Access to vast amounts of data
  • The invention of deep learning algorithms
  • The highest computing performance on the GPU

New Internet services understand speech by ear. Self-driving cars use deep learning algorithms to recognize the environment around the car and avoid collisions. In healthcare, neural networks trained on millions of medical images are able to find information in MRI images that could previously only be obtained by invasive biopsy. Artificial intelligence will unleash a wave of social progress unparalleled since the industrial revolution.

RunPod is a pioneer in a rising star in ultra-high-performance computing, preferred by the most demanding computer users: scientists, designers, artists, and gamers. This company has created the equivalent of a time machine for them. 

Given the ongoing need for better 3D graphics and the growing gaming market, RunPod has turned the GPU into a veritable think tank of the computer by opening a path for numerous innovations at the intersection of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. For example, here, you can rent a GPU server, GPU instance. We can sum up its work with the following sentence: super performance computing for Da Vinci and Einstein of our times.

RunPod means cost-effective and easy to set up options with various server specs to choose from. What is highly appreciated, the development team is always super responsive and helpful, and capable of finding your ideal match. This service is developed for those needing some inexpensive GPU to compute for ML/AI or other computing tasks. And inexpensive is not just words. The hourly price for 8x Nvidia A6000 on RunPod is $3.52, while lambdalabs and paperspace ask you to pay $11.60 and $15.12 per hour, respectively. Runpod is committed to providing the best possible prices through its automation and robust partnerships.

The pricing is just the cherry on top. But let’s get down to business. The RunPod team can help you decrease your dependence on cloud services like AWS EC2, ECS, and Lambda. How does it work? RunPod does its best to give you flexibility so that you can drop your AI, ML, and deep learning workloads in a flexible cloud-agnostic GPU platform. GPU containerization is king, and RunPod understands this better than other platforms. With this helpful tool, you also can train deep learning models in a matter of minutes. For your convenience, there’s still the safety of paying in advance. This way, you have no option to end up in debt from GPU charges. 

It is that ideal chance to increase your productivity. There’s a docker container for that. You can start in seconds using one of the pre-built docker containers with frameworks like pytorch and tensorflow pre-installed, or roll your own! Zero-config required – get access in one click! Runpod understands that sometimes it is very difficult to predict how much computing you will need over time. But the professional team is here for you and can scale your workloads on-demand, so you don’t have to keep guessing. And the last but not least feature – commitment on your terms. Would you like to rent for less than 1 hour? No problem. On the other side, if you’re ready to save more by signing a longer-term agreement, we can do that too.