GoPro have been leading the way for some time now when it comes to action camera technology, with the newest model, GoPro HD Hero2, setting a high standard for others that follow. The GoPro HD Hero2 is everything anyone could want or need in an action camera: full HD (high definition) recording; a wide angle lens, for capturing stylish footage; 60 FPS (frames per second) shooting for slow motion editing; up to 11MP (mega pixel) still image capture, with time-lapse and burst modes; ample battery life; and up to 32GB (Gigabytes) of memory. On top of this, the camera is small, light, and can be mounted virtually anywhere. In its own right, the GoPro packs quite a punch, but add some accessories and its level of capabilities jump up a notch.

GoPro has released many accessories for its cameras, from the LCD BacPac, for playing back footage on the go, to the intuitive GoPro 3D Hero System, which allows the more adventurous among us to capture HD footage in 3D. Two relatively new, and very different accessories in the GoPro collection are the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and The GoPro Dive Housing, both of which are proving extremely popular. GoPro Dive Housing Members of the scuba diving community have been filming their underwater adventures for years now, and have more recently utilised action cameras to assist them in their efforts. There are many action cameras which will serve this purpose, from dive-specific camera goggles, to cameras that can be ‘waterproofed’ using additional cases and housing accessories.

GoPro’s most recent underwater accessory comes in the form of the GoPro Dive Housing, and its proving a ‘must have’ for fans of scuba and snorkeling alike. Compatible with both the GoPro HD Hero and HD Hero2 cameras, the Dive Housing has a large, glass flat lens for maximising underwater sharpness and is waterproof up to a dizzy depth of 197ft / 60m. The GoPro Dive Housing also allows you to shoot in all resolutions with no vignetting. So whether you’re shooting in a cave, a wreck, a coral reef or out in the deep blue, you’re guaranteed high quality footage. To further improve your dive experience, the Dive Housing can be used alongside other GoPro dive products, such as the GoPro HD Wrist Housing. GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac The ability to stream and share data directly from one device to another is becoming more of a standard than an addition these days – from phones to televisions and now even cameras. The GoPro Wi-fi BacPac opens up a whole new world to GoPro HD Hero2 users, by allowing live streaming straight from your GoPro to a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, so that you and your friends can watch the action in full HD as it happens.

By connecting your GoPro to your mobile device, you’re able to use your iPhone, iPad or Android as a wireless remote, which can prove extremely useful when your camera is out of reach. When out of Wi-Fi range, your smartphone can also be used as a ‘hotspot’, allowing the Wi-fi BacPac to continue to stream video, no matter where you are. If that wasn’t enough, the GoPro Wi-fi BacPac can be used to control up to 50 GoPro cameras at once, which comes in useful when shooting for big, multi-camera projects, or even controlling just two cameras positioned on different parts of your kit. This can be achieved by using the Wi-Fi Remote (sold separately), or the GoPro Smartphone App, which is due for release in the near future. Whether you prefer to spend your time on the land, or under the waves, these two accessories are must-have accessories for GoPro owners everywhere.