So, the iPad 2 and 3 have been older and the new generation of the iPad is about to be launched in some days. Just like the iPhone 5, there have been many rumors about the iPad Mini as well. The grapevine tells us all about the iPad Mini features and its many accessories. However, we now have had another rumor flying around that the iPad Mini may only have the Wi-Fi technology and no LTE 4G technology like the other iOS 6 device iPhone 5. Instead, the iPad 3 will be given out with revised specs and features and the 4G LTE technology with Wi-Fi.

This is new all right for a company who always had the confidence that its devices will always be successful, that now it is having second thoughts. Now why would that be? Does the company fear the death of the iPad Mini already? Does it now feel that it invested in the wrong direction, as the late CEO Steve Jobs gave in a view that the Mini iPad may not be that successful? People look for wider and larger screened tablets and the iPad Mini is not the right choice to be launched in the market. However, still it has been detoxed to fit the lower end of the market. Now that Apple has moved in to the lower priced, smaller version of the iPad, it is directly in competition with Google Nexus, Nook Book, and Kindle as they all are the lower end market products, low in cost and low on the size as well.

The iPad Mini will also have no LTE and you have to make sure you have Wi-Fi available all around the places you live in, or socialize. The company Knomo, which has the contract from Apple to design all the accessories for the iGadgets for Apple, also confirmed the rumors with producing lower end iPad cases and covers. The launch may not have been imminent but the company is confirmed to launch the device next month. With a rumored lightening connector, what lies in the fate of iPad Mini, we wish we all knew. Those of you who have placed online pre-orders for the device need to hold your horses. You can wait for that device, and look for the reviews in the first week of the launch of the device. Then you can surely make up your mind to buy it.