I had never had a plumber at my house before last month. When we bought our house about ten years ago, everything was in great shape. We did the proper maintenance on things ourselves, so we never needed a professional to come out and help with anything. That changed last month when the water started backing up in the wash basin in the basement. Shortly thereafter, it was doing it in the kitchen too. My husband told me that we would probably need to look for a company that does sewer and drain cleaning in Essex County.

I take care of the household chores like cooking and laundry, so I left that up to him. He knows a lot more about it than I do, so I just told him to do what he needed to do. He had tried clearing the clogs on his own, but the liquid drain cleaner that he was using just was not cutting it for what needed done. He contacted a local plumbing company and explained what was going on. They were actually running a special on drain cleaning, so that was very helpful too.

They came out that same day to look at the situation, and then cleared the drains on that trip too. I was very thankful that I did not have to put up with clogged drains anymore. We were just lucky that we did not have more serious damage done to our pipes since they had not been professionally cleaned in so long. The plumber told us that some people have had to have their entire pipe system redone, which can be very expensive. Thankfully for us, we just needed to have them cleaned. That is something that we are going to have done on a regular schedule now so we don’t run into bigger problems down the road.