Adding competition in tab segment, Videocon VT71 price in India will take local consumers and potential buyers by complete surprise. Videocon VT71 price in India is only Rs. 4,799 and among the most inexpensive tablets on the market. Most other tablet devices sell for much more and this may lead users to think that more expensive models can offer more as well. Videocon VT71 price in India is much lower too than the similar Videocon VT10 tablet device.

But the Videocon VT71 is able to come in at a lower price while bringing great features and top specifications to the table. Videocon VT71 is a winner in any mobile phone and computer device portfolio and everyone will want to sell one of these devices. Videocon VT71 Features Videocon VT71 features include an attractive metallic cover and 7″ touch screen with 800×400 pixel screen resolution. The memory options on the Videocon VT71 are also very good, with 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM. Videocon VT71 comes with a 1.2GHz processor for very smooth operating, quick file downloads, great functionality and no user hassles. Videocon VT71 Features list Videocon VT71 price in India is truly low for such a fun and funky tablet device. Users may need reminding that it can be used for work as well as entertainment. This latest tablet can be used as a mobile phone, for lengthy conversations, client meetings and for top quality video conferencing.

You can always have access to your email and see mails the moment they come in. The tablet specs also include a camera, 3.5mm audio jack, 3.200 mAh battery and terrific entertainment functions. Videocon VT71 lets you download films onto your tablet and watch them at home or play games against friends all over the world. Do you still need another reason or more convincing to buy a this wonderful tablet? With these features and specifications, VT71 Tablet will find good demand not only among students but also among professionals especially in entry level but not who need to work for longer hours.