Three factors led to the beginning of the era of artificial intelligence:

  • Access to vast amounts of data
  • The invention of deep learning algorithms
  • The highest computing performance on the GPU

New Internet services understand speech by ear. Self-driving cars use deep learning algorithms to recognize the environment around the car and avoid collisions. In healthcare, neural networks trained on millions of medical images are able to find information in MRI images that could previously only be obtained by invasive biopsy. Artificial intelligence will unleash a wave of social progress unparalleled since the industrial revolution.

RunPod is a pioneer in a rising star in ultra-high-performance computing, preferred by the most demanding computer users: scientists, designers, artists, and gamers. This company has created the equivalent of a time machine for them. 

Given the ongoing need for better 3D graphics and the growing gaming market, RunPod has turned the GPU into a veritable think tank of the computer by opening a path for numerous innovations at the intersection of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. For example, here, you can rent a GPU server, GPU instance. We can sum up its work with the following sentence: super performance computing for Da Vinci and Einstein of our times.

RunPod means cost-effective and easy to set up options with various server specs to choose from. What is highly appreciated, the development team is always super responsive and helpful, and capable of finding your ideal match. This service is developed for those needing some inexpensive GPU to compute for ML/AI or other computing tasks. And inexpensive is not just words. The hourly price for 8x Nvidia A6000 on RunPod is $3.52, while lambdalabs and paperspace ask you to pay $11.60 and $15.12 per hour, respectively. Runpod is committed to providing the best possible prices through its automation and robust partnerships.

The pricing is just the cherry on top. But let’s get down to business. The RunPod team can help you decrease your dependence on cloud services like AWS EC2, ECS, and Lambda. How does it work? RunPod does its best to give you flexibility so that you can drop your AI, ML, and deep learning workloads in a flexible cloud-agnostic GPU platform. GPU containerization is king, and RunPod understands this better than other platforms. With this helpful tool, you also can train deep learning models in a matter of minutes. For your convenience, there’s still the safety of paying in advance. This way, you have no option to end up in debt from GPU charges. 

It is that ideal chance to increase your productivity. There’s a docker container for that. You can start in seconds using one of the pre-built docker containers with frameworks like pytorch and tensorflow pre-installed, or roll your own! Zero-config required – get access in one click! Runpod understands that sometimes it is very difficult to predict how much computing you will need over time. But the professional team is here for you and can scale your workloads on-demand, so you don’t have to keep guessing. And the last but not least feature – commitment on your terms. Would you like to rent for less than 1 hour? No problem. On the other side, if you’re ready to save more by signing a longer-term agreement, we can do that too.

I recently had to move to Singapore for work and I liked what I saw in the region, it is certainly a very developed place, quiet and with lots of entertainment options. I didn’t find any problem in the country but I should save a little because the change of country cost me a little and I had to do some renovations in the place that would have the office and one of them was the painting of the office and the exchange of words. I thought of vinyl floors, cheap, so I searched the website: .

The site showed exactly what I needed, cheap flooring options for those on a tight budget.The first and cheapest option I had contacted was Pergo Outlast but the flooring is extremely thick despite the cheap value and compared to other types of flooring with similar value. One of the best features of Pergo is the fact that it has a technology that makes it resistant to water and humidity for up to 24 hours, a great option for me as I consume a lot of coffee and other beverages, and accidents can happen.The second option that came to my attention was TrafficMaster Lakeshore Laminate Flooring, which is a very resistant floor that imitates wood very well. This floor, unlike Pergo, is not water-resistant but nothing that sealing the edges with silicone does not solve this problem.The third option I checked was Master Traffic Sky Carpet Tiles, they are thinner but easily swapped and replaced floors. It is an excellent choice for those who want to install it in living rooms, dining rooms, offices, garages, and other environments. I found out about other types of vinyl through the site, but they didn’t serve me as much or were too expensive, and considering all types mentioned on the site, what served me best was Pergo for its resistance and low price. I installed the material myself and am totally satisfied.

I had never had a plumber at my house before last month. When we bought our house about ten years ago, everything was in great shape. We did the proper maintenance on things ourselves, so we never needed a professional to come out and help with anything. That changed last month when the water started backing up in the wash basin in the basement. Shortly thereafter, it was doing it in the kitchen too. My husband told me that we would probably need to look for a company that does sewer and drain cleaning in Essex County.

I take care of the household chores like cooking and laundry, so I left that up to him. He knows a lot more about it than I do, so I just told him to do what he needed to do. He had tried clearing the clogs on his own, but the liquid drain cleaner that he was using just was not cutting it for what needed done. He contacted a local plumbing company and explained what was going on. They were actually running a special on drain cleaning, so that was very helpful too.

They came out that same day to look at the situation, and then cleared the drains on that trip too. I was very thankful that I did not have to put up with clogged drains anymore. We were just lucky that we did not have more serious damage done to our pipes since they had not been professionally cleaned in so long. The plumber told us that some people have had to have their entire pipe system redone, which can be very expensive. Thankfully for us, we just needed to have them cleaned. That is something that we are going to have done on a regular schedule now so we don’t run into bigger problems down the road.


Adding competition in tab segment, Videocon VT71 price in India will take local consumers and potential buyers by complete surprise. Videocon VT71 price in India is only Rs. 4,799 and among the most inexpensive tablets on the market. Most other tablet devices sell for much more and this may lead users to think that more expensive models can offer more as well. Videocon VT71 price in India is much lower too than the similar Videocon VT10 tablet device.

But the Videocon VT71 is able to come in at a lower price while bringing great features and top specifications to the table. Videocon VT71 is a winner in any mobile phone and computer device portfolio and everyone will want to sell one of these devices. Videocon VT71 Features Videocon VT71 features include an attractive metallic cover and 7″ touch screen with 800×400 pixel screen resolution. The memory options on the Videocon VT71 are also very good, with 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM. Videocon VT71 comes with a 1.2GHz processor for very smooth operating, quick file downloads, great functionality and no user hassles. Videocon VT71 Features list Videocon VT71 price in India is truly low for such a fun and funky tablet device. Users may need reminding that it can be used for work as well as entertainment. This latest tablet can be used as a mobile phone, for lengthy conversations, client meetings and for top quality video conferencing.

You can always have access to your email and see mails the moment they come in. The tablet specs also include a camera, 3.5mm audio jack, 3.200 mAh battery and terrific entertainment functions. Videocon VT71 lets you download films onto your tablet and watch them at home or play games against friends all over the world. Do you still need another reason or more convincing to buy a this wonderful tablet? With these features and specifications, VT71 Tablet will find good demand not only among students but also among professionals especially in entry level but not who need to work for longer hours.


In today’s world there is no place for the technologically challenged people; therefore, if you feel you are one of them, it is high time that you get smart. Do not just cling on to your land phone and even your sporadic forays into the world of cell phones do not hold good – you need to change your mindset, since some stupendous advancement of technology that has swept the mobile world is up for grabs. Even a few years back the normal cell phone was considered as the epitome of new technology; however, with the advent of smart phones everything has changed and today the normal cell phones seem obsolete.

Numerous features and uses are totally integrated in a smart phone, which make these very coveted; some of these features and uses are discussed below. Various types of messaging options like the SMS messages, voice mail, chat functions of yahoo and MSN along with all email functions are available in a smart communication device. These phones connect you to your email address, allow you to send faxes and open any internet site and since these devices are operated by special software, you can read all business documents which are in text documents, spread sheets and commonly used formats; it is also possible to edit the documents through these devices. A keyboard that replicates the one of a full-fledged computer is another feature of a smart phone, as also its high resolution LCD screen that ensures highest quality viewing of images and displays. Any good smart device must have a high quality camera with at least 1.3 mega pixels along with video recording abilities.

The images and clips that you capture on this camera will be free of distortions and of superior quality. The Bluetooth headset which is in-built in most of the smart phones is one of the most attractive features of these devices and simplifies communication to a great extent. Bluetooth technology is essential for wireless communication and a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone enables you to send and receive data to and from similarly enabled devices like laptops, PCs, Macs or other cell phones. Another important feature of these smart phones is the in-built digital mp3 player; no wonder, the young generation is so gung-ho about them. No matter whether you are at your workplace, home or on the go, you can now tune into your favorite music anytime. These devices can play WMA, WAV and various other famous music formats. A smart device comes equipped with a GPS navigation system; hence, even if you are at an unknown place, you will never get lost. Now that you have become aware of the benefits of smart phones, the next step is to make your smart phone secure. Just like your computer, you must secure the data in your phone from viruses and theft. One of the ways to do it is not to post your email id or phone number on the web while accessing emails.

This is because attackers often use software which can access email addresses and then target them for spam or attacks. Try to avoid downloading files from unknown sites and even from sites which appear unreliable, since many of these may have a malicious code. Downloading games and other software can be very tempting; however, try to refrain from doing so on your smart phone, since this may result in unsolicited mails. Check the security settings of the phone regularly and use firewalls and other safeguards to ensure its security against potential threats. Knowledge about the features of smart phones and also the security measures for safeguarding these can prove to be quite helpful, even if you are skeptical about the ever-changing technology.


So, the iPad 2 and 3 have been older and the new generation of the iPad is about to be launched in some days. Just like the iPhone 5, there have been many rumors about the iPad Mini as well. The grapevine tells us all about the iPad Mini features and its many accessories. However, we now have had another rumor flying around that the iPad Mini may only have the Wi-Fi technology and no LTE 4G technology like the other iOS 6 device iPhone 5. Instead, the iPad 3 will be given out with revised specs and features and the 4G LTE technology with Wi-Fi.

This is new all right for a company who always had the confidence that its devices will always be successful, that now it is having second thoughts. Now why would that be? Does the company fear the death of the iPad Mini already? Does it now feel that it invested in the wrong direction, as the late CEO Steve Jobs gave in a view that the Mini iPad may not be that successful? People look for wider and larger screened tablets and the iPad Mini is not the right choice to be launched in the market. However, still it has been detoxed to fit the lower end of the market. Now that Apple has moved in to the lower priced, smaller version of the iPad, it is directly in competition with Google Nexus, Nook Book, and Kindle as they all are the lower end market products, low in cost and low on the size as well.

The iPad Mini will also have no LTE and you have to make sure you have Wi-Fi available all around the places you live in, or socialize. The company Knomo, which has the contract from Apple to design all the accessories for the iGadgets for Apple, also confirmed the rumors with producing lower end iPad cases and covers. The launch may not have been imminent but the company is confirmed to launch the device next month. With a rumored lightening connector, what lies in the fate of iPad Mini, we wish we all knew. Those of you who have placed online pre-orders for the device need to hold your horses. You can wait for that device, and look for the reviews in the first week of the launch of the device. Then you can surely make up your mind to buy it.


GoPro have been leading the way for some time now when it comes to action camera technology, with the newest model, GoPro HD Hero2, setting a high standard for others that follow. The GoPro HD Hero2 is everything anyone could want or need in an action camera: full HD (high definition) recording; a wide angle lens, for capturing stylish footage; 60 FPS (frames per second) shooting for slow motion editing; up to 11MP (mega pixel) still image capture, with time-lapse and burst modes; ample battery life; and up to 32GB (Gigabytes) of memory. On top of this, the camera is small, light, and can be mounted virtually anywhere. In its own right, the GoPro packs quite a punch, but add some accessories and its level of capabilities jump up a notch.

GoPro has released many accessories for its cameras, from the LCD BacPac, for playing back footage on the go, to the intuitive GoPro 3D Hero System, which allows the more adventurous among us to capture HD footage in 3D. Two relatively new, and very different accessories in the GoPro collection are the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and The GoPro Dive Housing, both of which are proving extremely popular. GoPro Dive Housing Members of the scuba diving community have been filming their underwater adventures for years now, and have more recently utilised action cameras to assist them in their efforts. There are many action cameras which will serve this purpose, from dive-specific camera goggles, to cameras that can be ‘waterproofed’ using additional cases and housing accessories.

GoPro’s most recent underwater accessory comes in the form of the GoPro Dive Housing, and its proving a ‘must have’ for fans of scuba and snorkeling alike. Compatible with both the GoPro HD Hero and HD Hero2 cameras, the Dive Housing has a large, glass flat lens for maximising underwater sharpness and is waterproof up to a dizzy depth of 197ft / 60m. The GoPro Dive Housing also allows you to shoot in all resolutions with no vignetting. So whether you’re shooting in a cave, a wreck, a coral reef or out in the deep blue, you’re guaranteed high quality footage. To further improve your dive experience, the Dive Housing can be used alongside other GoPro dive products, such as the GoPro HD Wrist Housing. GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac The ability to stream and share data directly from one device to another is becoming more of a standard than an addition these days – from phones to televisions and now even cameras. The GoPro Wi-fi BacPac opens up a whole new world to GoPro HD Hero2 users, by allowing live streaming straight from your GoPro to a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, so that you and your friends can watch the action in full HD as it happens.

By connecting your GoPro to your mobile device, you’re able to use your iPhone, iPad or Android as a wireless remote, which can prove extremely useful when your camera is out of reach. When out of Wi-Fi range, your smartphone can also be used as a ‘hotspot’, allowing the Wi-fi BacPac to continue to stream video, no matter where you are. If that wasn’t enough, the GoPro Wi-fi BacPac can be used to control up to 50 GoPro cameras at once, which comes in useful when shooting for big, multi-camera projects, or even controlling just two cameras positioned on different parts of your kit. This can be achieved by using the Wi-Fi Remote (sold separately), or the GoPro Smartphone App, which is due for release in the near future. Whether you prefer to spend your time on the land, or under the waves, these two accessories are must-have accessories for GoPro owners everywhere.


The tablet is the next best selling device in the gadget market. The tablet market is flourishing by leaps and bounds around the globe. With the time many players have emerged and rose up to become main players in this booming market. While the nine-inch segment dominated by the iPad will account for the majority of tablet display shipments this year, the fastest-growing portion of the market will the 7.x-inch screens used in products like the Galaxy Tab from Samsung Electronics, the Kindle Fire from Amazon, the Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble, and other tablet products using the Google Android operating system. All these have the capabilities to become the best tablet in India.

While in the early stage MNCs were shaking the market, now the entry level tablet segment has been buzzing with activity from Indian brands with several low cost tablets coming in to the scene. Even though there is a bit of overcrowding when budget tablets are considered, but it’s true that customers are getting more inclined towards this new form of device. All credit goes to the low cost tablets which have helped in attaining a large volume of audience. We can practically walk-in to stores and find a lot of options to choose from.

While Apple still holds the biggest market share in the market, new entrants and established giants are trying hard to grab their place in the race. And to do this they are shipping some of the best tablet in India of various specifications and sizes. The low-cost, much more compact tablets which were earlier shunned by many are now finding a new place in the market. HCL Infosystems Ltd is India’s premier hardware, services and ICT systems integration and distribution company. Like many other companies, HCL too manufactures tablets in India. Today there are a couple of HCL tablet in India.

The recent HCL tablet in India is 3G enabled called, HCL ME Y2. It has proved to be a trendy and stylish device. Most importantly this HCL tablet in India is based on the latest OS and designed specially to suit the needs of the Indian consumers. It runs on the superfast Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This device is equipped with a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-mega pixel front camera which enables video chatting with HD display. This HCL tablet in India sports a 7-inch multi-touch capacitive screen with a 1024×600 pixel display. The tablet runs smoothly on a powerful Cortex A9 and 1 GHz processor. It comes with a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory, along with a memory card slot that can add another 32GB. HCL ME Y2 also has a miniUSB, mini-HDMI and a microSD card slot. It has a robust 4000 mAH battery to deliver long hours of high-definition audio and video playback. Enabled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it has all in it to become one of the best tablet in India.


The tablet industry is growing with different products and offerings, and if you are just now considering buying one of those amazing technological advances it could be pretty difficult to figure out what type to go with. While you will find a million and one different choices at any given time, you will find 2 or 3 real top-of-the-line goods which have demanded a lot of the attention from customers – the iPad and also the Samsung line of tablets.

Fighting it out in both the tablet world and the smart phone world for the number one spot, this heated competition has been nothing but a boost for customers everywhere. As they look to add more and more features and push technology further and further to win market share, we’re the real winners simply because we get the advantages of better tablets. Here’s a quick breakdown of two of the leading tablet manufacturer to ensure that you can make the best decisions possible. Samsung Tablet One of the world’s innovative producers of top of the range technology products, Samsung tablets – while fairly new to the marketplace – have rapidly carved out a significant piece of the market.

Running off of Google’s open source and very popular (in addition to powerful) Android operating-system and mated to some of the very best internal electrical parts available today, these machines are as quick and responsive as they are good to look at and use. You are able to tell that these machines have been designed to be the very best answer possible in the tablet space, and in contrast to the iPad are available in several various sizes and styles. Not quite as polished aesthetically as Apple products always are, these are still slick looking machines built from only the highest high quality parts and components. App support is lagging behind Apple’s marketplace, although things should be able to pick up significantly.

iPad The undisputed king of the tablet world, there’s absolutely nothing quite like the Apple iPad. The first of all commercially successful tablet, the iPad has enjoyed international success from the very first day it was launched, and continues to take advantage of that market share still today. At this moment on the third generation of products, the iPad has favored slow evolutions instead of massive overhauls – the form factor will be the exact same 10.1 inches and while the processor chips and memory modules have been beefed up a little bit the different in between the first generation model and the current one is not that big. This really is not to imply that these products aren’t worth owning – if you are searching for the right tablet solution then millions and millions of individuals would inform you that nobody does it like Apple.

Providing models in variable hard drive sizes along with WiFi and cellular connectivity choices, you will be able to enjoy all of the attributes of the iPad regardless of where you are. Coming in having a significantly steep price tag than almost any other machine not to mention having a locked down and closed operating system, these are really the only blemishes on this specific product. Apple has been known for a long time now as the leader in high-end technology products, and the iPad shows that it does not look like much is likely to change.


There is a popular belief that the smart phone will become a low profit item like the personal computers. Though this concept is not accepted by all, one thing is certain that all domestic and weak brand manufacturers have to strengthen the applications and services provided in order to remain profitable. And they are already exploring the possibilities. Millet is leading the way in providing a combination of hardware and software. But the problem is that being a pure hardware company, there is no profit from the application provided to the customers. So they are exploring innovative ways for making the business profitable. “360 special for machine” is a result of this innovation. It is combination of hardware and software. Zhou Hongxiang, the founder of the product is trying hard to make the product profitable, but the profitability is still under doubt. Till now, the configuration as well as the advanced operating systems offered by the smart phones them – Windows, IOS and Android are quite compatible with the PC platform. Also the open SDK and the user friendliness has simplified the process of application development. The mobile internet has opened up three sources of income for the providers. First is the direct usage by the consumers through games, pictures, music and videos. The second is through the ads and promotions by the manufacturers. The third one is commissions earned whenever an online commercial transaction takes place. Another future scope of earning for the low and middle end smart phones will open up as they establish their own accessories platforms, which will improve their brand image. Using a third party services and accessories will further increase their profitability. The value added applications when applied with multi-screen interactive smart ecosystems will give a boost to business of these smart phones. Multi-screen iShare – the maker of the work and entertainment center of smart phones. The principal utility of a mobile phone as an equipment is communication. But in today’s technology savvy world the equipment must integrate the hardware and software. The early intelligent terminal equipments had limited hardware computing capability. As a result running operating systems and software applications were quite a complicated job. But in the recent pat there has been rapid development in technology of smart phones and tablet PC’s. The development of embedded system software, such as Windows, IOS and Android based on Linux has given the smart phones and the tablet PC”s an edge over the ordinary PCs. The early hardware platform for the smart phones – the Symbian, which was the only player in the smart phone for years has now lost it’s feasibility as there had been fast development in the hardware and also because of the limitation in the software framework and applications. The advanced operating system of Windows, iOS and Android platform which are now present in the embedded market are compatible with the PC platform. The task of application and development has become simple and quick in the open SDK of platform due to the ease of their use. In past the software terminal developer had to worry about the performance and the memory. But today’s developer do not have to worry about that, they need to focus only on scenarios and application logic. Further development in the smart phone terminals will come up with more and more varieties of applications and services and slowly the profitability will be nearing that of the PC industry. Development of terminal hardware hosting platform is an outstanding personalization and a time consuming process. There is a disagreement between a personalization and a bearing platform. This has resulted in a confused environment and at the same time has helped in diversification in the industry. Many terminal companies have now entered into application and services. As a result their product value and prices have gone up. At the same time many internet companies have ventured into intelligent terminal hardware platform. Smart phones and tablet computers has to be clearly distinguished from a Personal computer. They are a means of round the clock communication, social activity and entertainment. Unlike PC, different applications are not interdependent, but are connective and dependent. Most of the smart phone applications have to be linked with the owner’s contacts. The basic applications like telephone, message, search, network connection management, location service, map and camera have to be user friendly. The applications based on the locations have to be linked to map applications. All the applications have to provide a stable interface for the third party. Hence it is not the hardware that decides the product value, but a combination of hardware, software, applications and the integration of the applications, user experience and the service provided to the user.